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Pastoral Care

The Evangelical Lutheran Church has always encouraged her members to participate in the rite of Confession & Absolution.  In this congregation, we observe General Confession & Absolution at the beginning of each Divine Service (when Holy Communion is celebrated).  The pastor also offers Individual Confession & Absolution in the church, when he is in the office or by appointment.


Our pastor is on call at all times to visit members of the congregation, as well as family members and friends, who have been admitted to a hospital.  If you or your family member goes to the Emergency Room, or is admitted Inpatient, and would like a visit, please contact pastor via his cell phone at 650-799-7179 (this includes voicemail and text).  If leaving a message, please leave your name, phone number, hospital, and department or room #.  Pastor is also available for individual communion, or a visit and prayers, for members of Trinity that are unable to attend services due to disability, illness, or other infirmities, or who are confined to senior housing.  Please call his cell number to make an appointment for such visit.

This pamphlet assists in preparing for a funeral.

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