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June 4, 2020

LCMS Black Caucus Regarding George Floyd

Dear Saints in Christ Jesus,

Is it hyperbole to say that every facet of American society is occupied with one of two issues: COVID-19 and its consequences (including government citizen response) and George Floyd, his tragic death and entrenched ethnic discrimination?

Whatever you may have read in the past week regarding Mr. Floyd, I appeal to your Christian fellowship and to common humanity to read this post.

LCMS Black Caucus Regarding George Floyd

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May 17, 2020

Opening Discussion

For Luther, the office we hold during the pandemic shapes our response to its course.
What is your “office”?  Are you a pastor?  A mother?  A nurse?  A political or economic leader in your community?  A student?  A doctor?  What are the obligations of your office and are there competing obligations?  For example, do you have a conflict between keeping your children safe as a parent and doing your job in a public space as an essential worker?  How are you navigating these obligations?

Recent experiences with virtual communities have shown me that the cultures of trust we so desperately need will not occur independent of cyberspace.
Think about and share an experience in which you have received care, compassion, and faithful love through technology during this pandemic and quarantine.  What might we learn about how to continue to use these tools for those who are in isolation after the quarantine ends?

With faith, we should hold the world in prayer.  With reason we should follow the best guidance available about how our actions can prevent the pandemic's spread, socially isolating, and allowing vulnerable populations to shop at the early grocery stores hours, as an act of neighbor love.
Causes for anxiety will not go away and the experience of anxiety will not go away but neither will the grace of God for the power to say yes to Jesus command with a joy that anticipates the fullness of joy in God's future.

Luther suggested that faith can protect us from the poisons of despair and anxiety but noted that this will take more than a “milk faith.”  Both citations call readers to the faith.  How has your faith in God's love and goodness helped you cope with your fear, grief, and despair during this time?  In response to the first quote, how has your faith in God also enabled you to trust your reason as you have made plans to cope with the pandemic and its effects?



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