Lent 2017 – Meditations

Devotions for the season of Lent are available in several formats at Copies are also in the narthex.

The Rev. Tyrel Bramwell

May the Lord of the Church look with favor upon this man, bestowing on him the Spirit for the proclamation of the Gospel.

To the Supporters of Pastoral Education, West Africa Project

I (Pastor Crown) have spent about six weeks, over the course of three Januarys, with pastors and teachers of the faith in Sierra Leone. Those men, by their words and deeds, have grown into my heart and life. I bring your greetings to them at the beginnng of the two-week session, and I return with

Song Bennett: Deaconess Intern

The sisters: first-year deaconess students worship at Trinity Lutheran, Fort Wayne, IN Classes during her two-week session: Pauline Epistles, Theological Ethics, and Ministry to the Sick and Dying  

Sierra Leone – Jan. 16

Report 2: a focus on our second weekend Routines. So soon we tire of the ordinary. The routine becomes a burden. But in the daily routine we thank God for His steadfast care, His powerful word that upholds all creation. Day by day He tires not, He wearies not, He pours out daily bread, seed

Sierra Leone – Jan. 12th

Scurry in  ... quickly close the metal lattice door .... and then survey the two sleeping rooms for tiny gnat-size mosquitos and the screens for any holes. That's how our 12 day stay at the Javouhey House (Leicester Peak, Freetown) began. But 15 days in a tropical climate at a retreat center with a panoramic

Sunday Services for Advent and Christmas 2016 and Epiphany 2017

December 18, Advent 4 8:15 a.m. Communion; 11:00 a.m. Christmas pageant 9:45 a.m. pageant rehearsal and adult study December 25, Christmas Day NO 8:15 a.m. service 10:30 a.m. carol singing and 11:00 a.m. Communion 9:45 a.m. adult study January 1, 1st Sunday after Christmas NO 8:15 a.m. service 9:45 a.m. adult study 11:00 a.m. Communion

Advent Devotions

The Church sets aside the last days of November and much of December as the season of Advent in order to meditate on the gifts of the Lord Jesus Christ, who in humility came in our flesh and who still comes in Word and Sacrament and who will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.

Thanksgiving Matins

10:00 a.m.          Thanksgiving Day Matins You are invited to join us to give thanks, and dine together for a thanksgiving meal on Thursday, November 24th following soon after the service. The main course and dessert will be provided. Please sign up to attend and bring a side dish to share. Questions? Contact David Stewart at (408)

Citizenship of Heaven

Fellow Saints I will keep this brief. If you’re on Facebook, you have already scrolled through, engaged, dismissed, liked, gnashed your teeth at, etc. posts regarding the election. So I offer an observation not on the election but on this election sign … I don’t know how many people reside in the precinct (I vote