Daily Lectionary: March 18, 2017

Genesis 27 More than the heel of his brother does he grab … His father had wondered about the heir … will my heir be my servant, Hagar’s son Ishmael, or will there be son from Sarah? Isaac, it appears, would have no issues with the heir, for he had two sons, and the firstborn

Daily Lectionary: March 17, 2017

Genesis 25-26 (optional in daily lectionary) Because the promise is through Isaac, the other sons were sent eastward so that there would be no conflict. They would not possess the land, but they would not be neglected. Crumbs from the master’s table fall to many. Abraham then rested with Sarah. A son, wealth, many descendants,

Daily Lectionary: March 17, 2017

Genesis 24 A servant … with no name … speaks on behalf of his master, for not his own will but his master’s will shall be done. He is but an unworthy servant; he does only what is his duty. And the lord’s will is to ensure, as he is able to make certain, the

Daily Lectionary: March 16, 2017

Genesis 23 is not included in the daily lectionary. Genesis 23 In life she wandered and dwelt in tents. In death she rests and is laid in a cave. Through her lord, she has participated in the installments of the Lord’s promise: a son, a name known among the peoples, and a field. Thus, Sarah

Daily Lectionary: March 15, 2017

Genesis 22 Moriah. Only identified twice in all of the Scriptures. And both times as the place for sacrifice. At this place of sacrifice will the faith of Abraham be tested: Does God raise the dead? Yes, He is the God of the Living. For has He not already brought from the “dead” bodies of

Daily Lectionary: March 14, 2017

Genesis 21 Timing is everything. For farmers and their harvest. For comics and their jokes. And for the Lord God and His promise. His timing brings forth the most astounding laughter, a son! Acknowledging that the Lord has kept His covenant, Abraham circumcises his son. And from now on all who hear of Sarah will

Genesis 18-20

Back on schedule ... Genesis 18:1-15 Good food. Good friends. Hospitality. Laughter. We still treasure them. Possibly because they stand as exceptions to much of this life. Yet I wish to add a little to my use of the word “good.” Not simply tasty, palatable but fitting and appropriate for the situation. And hospitality …

Genesis 16-17

Catching up ... the daily lectionary for March 12, 2017 Genesis 16 The very thing he does not want to do he does. And his wife says “Believing in God’s word means doing this. It’s the practice of our society. Let her be the handmaid to my lord.” No Cain … but the pain of

Genesis 15

Catching up ... the daily lectionary for March 11, 2017 I am childless and landless. How will I ever be a blessing to the nations if I father no son. And where is my supposed son to live? I have no dirt between my sandaled toes. For the God of Creation, His Word would be

Daily Lectionary: Genesis 13 – 14

Genesis 13 Abram. A portrait that resembles Adam: dominion over creatures and a treasury of gold. Even Lot was enriched. For in him all the nations of the earth shall be blessed. All is from the Lord. The puzzle is this: Not the strife between herdsmen (since Adam and Eve rebelled against God, people strive