Do you wonder if there is more to life than the constant struggle from one day to the next? Maybe you are interested in becoming a Christian – maybe not – but you can learn who Christians really are and how we live with hope … and answers.

Trinity Lutheran’s Rev. Stewart Crown leads an 8-week course this fall to teach the basics of Christianity and how it can apply to anyone. All are welcome to join us for intellectual learning and discussion.

Course Information

  • Thursday evenings, 7:30-09:00 pm
  • September 29th – November 17th
  • 8-week course
  • At no expense to you … except your curiosity and time.


1: Introduction
What is this all about?
We begin by describing the purpose and goals of the eight-week course.

2: Where Do I Begin?
How Do I Know What I Know?
Man, the Measure of What?
This studies the foundations for belief and practice, e.g., how all-encompassing is the use of reason? Does the Christian faith shun reason and science?

3: Houston, We’ve Still Got a Problem
Failure and Futility & Sound and Fury (Sin)
Why are “wrongs” called sin? What do are failures reveal about ourselves?
death and Death
The questions of mortality, life after death, and judgment are addressed.
Is Someone Out to Get Me? (Evil)
What else might be “out there” What causes these deep-seated problems in and for humanity?

4: Everybody Has A Story
Besides the story that our eyes see and ears hear and which we seem compelled to read and be part of, Christians read and participate in another story …
Prologue (Jesus Christ; Bible)
The Plot Thickens (Law and Gospel)
The Hero (Plan of Salvation)

5: Who Do You Say Jesus Is?
Jesus of Nazareth (The Proclamation of Jesus)
More than idea … More than an historical figure …
The Holy Spirit and other spirits (Conversion and Holiness)
Can a heart / will of a person be changed? How does it happen?

6: Hypocrites, Institutions, Sinners, and Gathering Together (Church)
Gathering with Those I Might Not Like (Visible Church)
Here is addressed what is commonly called “church,” people Christians see and physically gather with
Brothers and Sisters (Hidden Church)
Yet what binds Christians together is not being in the same place but faith “hidden” in the heart, which cannot be seen
Is Anybody Listening? (Prayer)
I Like to Sleep In (Corporate Worship)
What really happens when Christians gather?

7: Where Do I End?
The Last Things & The New Beginning
What about that other place—supposedly ruled by a figure with horns, pointy tail, and a pitchfork? Is “eternity” about floating on clouds and strumming harps?

8: What Happens before the End?
Life in a Christian Congregation
Do Christians have “regular” lives? Besides gathering to sing and listen to the Bible, are there other aspects of a congregation?

Reverend Stewart Crown