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Trinity’s two choirs meet on Thursdays, the children at 5:30 and the adults at 7:30. We sing music from every period but focus on masterwork music from the Renaissance and the Baroque, Lutheran heritage music as well as Anglican and European motets and anthems; we enjoy later music and spirituals as well. Texts underscore the scripture of each Sunday’s readings, are reflective of the present church season or radiate our most cherished teachings. Music is chosen for its beauty in presenting the Word of God in intimate and unforgettable sound; as for us, children will retain the words woven into lines of music for rest of their lives. In times of distress, music calms, heals, and refreshes our spirit. When mind and speech fade, song often remains the clarion companion of old age. The act of singing is at once inherently personal and completely communal. It is both our private and corporate response to the ancient command: Sing unto the Lord.

Please let Sally know if you are interested in the choirs or if you are proficient in an instrument.