90th Anniversary Celebration

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Photo slideshows

New slideshows will be added periodically.

Slideshow 1: DCEs and Vicars

Slideshow 2: History of Trinity Lutheran Church – A

Slideshow 3: History of Trinity Lutheran Church – B

Slideshow 4: Organ upgrade

Slideshow 5: Organ refurbishment at the repair shop

Slideshow 6: History of Trinity Lutheran Church – C

Slideshow 7: History of Trinity Lutheran Church – D

Get Involved

  • Would you share your history with Trinity with us?
  • When did you (and your family) first join Trinity?
  • What is your best memory of Trinity?
    • Memorabilia?
    • Old church directory?
    • Pictures (picnics)?
    • Are you in contact with other former members/ current members?
  • Can you think of anything else that we can do that will be of interest to you?
  • How many children and/ grandchildren do you have?
Event Form – 90th Anniversary

>> Please complete the form and email it to Laura Barton. Your help is much appreciated!